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West Human Resources Consultancy

We help SME employers with anything to do with employment.  There’s a huge employment law framework in place and it’s not realistic to expect business owners and manager to know all of this, so we provide that expertise.

So who uses us?  It tends to be businesses that do not need an in-house HR resource, typically 10-50 employees.

Employing staff brings challenges to employers; there’s the legal framework alongside meeting the varying needs of people to run an effective and efficient business.  There’s so many variables and there’s no manual for how to handle all those situations – it needs help to handle it well, prevent distraction, lost productivity and additional costs and we provide your expertise and experience.

We provide:

  • Advice for the day to way guidance on people management
  • Assistance for particular issues recruitment, disciplinary, redundancy
  • Training to enable managers to recognise and manage key issues and know when to escalate them

There’s some funding to support HR delivery in SMEs via Growth Accelerator for management training and Growth Vouchers for HR planning.  For more information on this funding or the services we offer, please get in touch.