July Meeting – Alan Harvey, Mayor of Bingham

July Meeting – Alan Harvey, Mayor of Bingham

The Mayor of Bingham, Mr Alan Harvey, was the guest speaker at the August meeting of Bingham Business Club.

Mr Harvey, who has been mayor since May, outlined the role of the various tiers of government as they related to local affairs, from the Department for Communities and Local Government, through county and borough councils, to parish or town councils. He said that Bingham Town Council was part of the grass roots level of local government, which could take on as much or as little responsibility as it wished.

Among those run by the town council in Bingham are playparks, grass cutting, leisure facilities and amenity space.
The council also had advisory, consultative and campaigning roles, Mr Harvey said, to improve the town and its facilities. He said two of the biggest problems Bingham faced were connecting the two areas of the town either side of the railway line, and creating social cohesion between residents living in the older central and newer outlying parts of the town.

He said the town council was working towards refurbishing the town’s play parks, which were tired and under-used. The council had also been asking Rushcliffe Borough Council for control of the town’s car parks, which had become the prime issue in the town. He said that two of the town’s carparks would soon become short-stay only, making life easier for shoppers and visitors.

The council also wants a re-think on use of the market place.

“The Market Square is lying idle for 90% of the time and it could be better-used,”

Other issues the council was considering was the need for start-up business premises, a new leisure centre, a community centre, and a recycling tip.

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