April Meeting – Neil Clarke, Rushcliffe Borough Council

Business growth and development were on the agenda at the latest meeting of Bingham Business Club.

The guest speaker at the monthly breakfast meeting was Neil Clarke, the leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council, and chairman of the council’s strategic growth board.

He explained that this included the Bingham and Radcliffe growth group, whose role was to bring together people and groups with an interest in the development of the two towns, and support key components required to successfully accommodate the proposed growth, including car parking, shops, supermarket development, rail improvement, leisure and education.

He said the borough also encouraged businesses to move into the area, and established businesses to expand within the area.

The local growth group had found Bingham to be vibrant in terms of shopping and business, and a local plan had been adopted to include housing and business growth in tandem.

“It is all very well building houses, but you need employment for the people who are going to live in those houses,” he said.

Other priorities were to strengthen flood protection and widen the access road to the Newton industrial estate. “We have also been looking at the town centres of Radcliffe and Bingham, including car parking, and I am not pretending there is any easy solution.”

He said the borough was working closely with Bingham Town Council to create long-term parking on the northern side of the town to free up town centre spaces for short-term shoppers’ parking.

Mr Clarke said the franchise to run the Nottingham to Grantham railway line was up for bidding shortly, and he hoped this would allow for negotiation for improved transport links.

He said the council was always willing to try to help local businesses grow, and business club members could help by identifying areas where help was needed, such as premises for start-up businesses. “We need to hear from you to know what you would like us to facilitate,” he said.

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